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Data Management-Data Conversion-PDF Conversion Service

RK Information Technologies specialize in creating high-quality, navigable PDF document collections that require special attention by human experts. There is a big difference between a simple unorganized group of scanned PDF documents and fully-linked, bookmarked, searchable and indexed files that are tied together and ready to be posted on the Web/Intranet or burned on a CD/DVD. This requires a lot of expertise and special software. Our company eliminates the need to purchase and learn various software packages and provides a complete document processing workflow – from a paper document to an electronic collection of PDF documents.

Our services include:

  • Document scanning from paper to PDF/TIFF
  • Conversion of electronic documents to PDF format
  • Making PDF files searchable with OCR and text indexing
  • Adding navigation elements: bookmarks, table of content, hyperlinks, file indexes
  • Custom document processing: splitting, merging, securing 
  • Transferring PDF collections to electronic media (CD/DVD)
Benefits of using our pdf conversion services
  • We can beat any US company by more than 10% margin in cost.
  • We accept any kind of complex format files.
  • We can meet your given turn around time.
  • We convert paperback and hardcover to any PDF file as per the requirements.
  • No need to look for different vendors for your data conversion services.
  • No set up cost involved.
  • We use encrypted FTP server for uploading and downloading of confidential documents.


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