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OCR (Optical Character Recognition)    

OCR or Optical Character Recognition serviceOCR or Optical Character Recognition is a technique that involves translating images of typed text into machine readable text. It also involves converting images or pictures into a standard format like ACII or Unicode that can be easily identified by computers. By using an OCR system, we are able to feed a complete book or magazine, which can be converted into a computer understandable file and can be further edited using a word processor.

By hiring our OCR services you can benefit from a wide range of techniques like making data entry faster, more accurate and efficient than ever before. This is much faster than even data entry done through keystroke. OCR offers a better alternative to keyboarding or manual data entry.

OCR recognition technology has improved considerably over the past few years and we have consistently developed the necessary expertise and capacity to take full advantage of this technology. We pride ourselves on quality, and have developed in-house validation and quality control procedures to ensure the highest levels of data output. We have teams of skilled operators and in-house programmers dedicated to OCR processing to maximize not only accuracy but also speed and efficient management of the data process. In some cases, OCR provides an alternative to data entry, or can be part of a mixed data entry / OCR process. Whatever the project, our skill and expertise guarantees the best solution at a highly competitive cost. We scan paper documents as part of many project requirements prior to OCR, providing a CD-Rom copy of the images and if required we can make images available on our servers accessible via a web browser for our customers.

We offer the following OCR SERVICES:

  • Handwritten or printed text
  • Research areas
  • OCR for typewritten text
  • OCR for cursive text MICR


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