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RK Information Technologies is an ideal partner for Certified Public Accountants, Small and Medium Business Enterprises as well as for accounting departments of the Medium Business entities and Companies who are concerned with cutting operational costs without having to sacrifice the quality of service. Our highly-trained and skilled staff at our state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, India, can take on your complete financial services, data entry, data processing, image and form processing, transaction processing and develop Web presence that can be matched only by high-priced IT firms. Unlike others, RK Information Technologies, in true sense, is not an outsourcing or back-office center. Think of us, if you will, as an extension of your office. It is more of a 'Management Support System', or MSS, since we are not 'project-centric'. Instead, we handle each and every aspect of your company that has to deal with accurate and timely flow of information within the organization. You do not need to change your setup; we will follow your systems and stay aligned with your preferences and style. RK IT furnishes and delivers Document management services, Accounts Book keeping and Financial Services for many companies in India and abroad... Our success and achievements are largely due to expertise of the professional management team we have and the strategies we deploy to help our customers realize their marketing objectives.

In-depth training in related areas and development of additive skill sets are the primary objective of our management training. Every member of RKIT is trained to be committed to quality, accuracy and providing services exceeding clients’ expectation.

As a virtual extension of your business, our partnership will give you the confidence that allows you to:

  • Focus on core business activities which in turn can enhance shareholders value
  • Achieve cost reductions
  • Access to world class capabilities
  • Maintain competitive edge
  • Gain access to advanced technologies
  • Gain greater internal flexibility
  • Achieve revenue enhancements

To further discuss your Business Process Outsourcing needs or to learn more about RK IT service offering and capabilities, please CONTACT US

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